Are You ready to find your true calling ?

Want to know how to live to your fullest potential and find deep authentic love?

Are you a woman who is ready to activate the rising power of the divine, flowing, feminine intuitive wisdom waiting within?

Venus is about combining the spiritual and the physical, finding Heaven here on Earth.

She is the star of love and at your core, you are pure love.

Join me for this deeply healing, nurturing women’s retreat where you will connect with your soul, find new love and confidence as well as taking away tools to manifest the change you want but have never believed possible.

Event Details


18th – 20th August 2017
10am Friday 18th to 5pm
Sunday 20th


CasaGrande Resort  & Day Spa


122a Broadwater Esplanade, Bilambil NSW 2486

Venus Rising – Twin Share Full Payment $898

Venus Rising – Twin Share Deposit $200

You may be at a crossroads in your life knowing there is a missing piece of the puzzle and you’re not sure what the ‘missing piece’ is?

You may be in a rut with your work or your relationship, dying inside and not knowing how to break old patterns or manifest the changes you want?

You may not even believe you have a special gift or anything to offer?

Maybe you feel you must stay in your job or relationship because it’s all you know and it’s safe or others depend on you?

Well what about your purpose, your gifts and your true mission?

Do you know what you are really on earth for and how to get it?

Let me ask you

Are you ready to find “how” to live your life with more meaning, more passion and more certainty?

Do you want to learn “how” to trust your intuition and get a deeper connection with spirit?

Are you searching for a deeper inner connection so you can find your purpose and live it with real confidence?

Do you want to know “how” to have deeper and more meaningful relationships?

Are you ready to step up and let go of fear, let go of being small and let your light shine?

Then this retreat in Northern NSW is for you.

Venus has been shining very brightly in the sky calling the feminine, intuitive to come to life, to take action, to raise in you the energy of infinite possibilities and opportunities for more love.

There’s a whisper in your soul, an echo in your heart waiting for you to connect, awakening  the power of your divine feminine essence.

Imagine being at Casagrande Resort, sharing your heart, finding peace as you overlook the tranquil water, being amongst other supportive and like-minded women.

Can you sense how your spirit is ready to reconnect to the Divine, to meditate, rest, relax and share with women who are real and gentle?

Venus is rising, she is calling you …..

In this 3 day, 2 night retreat you will

Be treated to healthy and delicious mouthwatering food.

Enjoy blissful morning meditation overlooking the lake

Relax in beautiful Bali style accommodation

Learn how to re-define your relationships so you're happier and more fulfilled

Experience profound transformation as you connect with your true self

Create lifelong connections and memories lasting way beyond the retreat

Not only will you be working on your mindset, you’ll be working at a deeply spiritual level so your heart and your mind are in alignment, which is when the real magic happens!

Above all you will be in a safe, supportive environment with time to focus on you, your heart, your journey, and your happiness.

We’re also going to have lots of fun as we share some exciting earthly activities taking advantage of the best Casagrande Day SPA has to offer.

Bring your swim suit so you can relax in the pool, take a sauna or enjoy the gorgeous weather.

You will leave with

An action plan to manifest your goals

An individual food plan just for you

A road map for manifesting love

A unique programmed crystal to facilitate your intuitive growth

In addition to being lighter, clearer, happier, with new friendships which will transform your life. Venus is rising, she won’t wait, she is ready to help you become the shining star you already are.

Are you ready, to secure your space

What’s included

2 nights twin-share accommodation

All lovingly prepared healthy meals, tea, coffee, juices, breakfast, snacks, lunch & dinner

Morning meditations & gentle stretching on the deck overlooking the lake

All materials

Deep spiritual healing and teaching sessions with Susan Kennedy

Intuitive / Spiritual Reading evening

What’s not included


Transportation to the resort

Other items like shopping, medical or travel insurance

Event Details


18th – 20th August 2017
10am Friday 18th to 5pm
Sunday 20th


Casagrande RESORT


122a Broadwater Esplanade, Bilambil NSW 2486

Venus Rising – Twin Share Full Payment $898

Venus Rising – Twin Share Deposit $200

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