Susan Kennedy Liaison
To Your Soul

Spiritual Healing

If you are experiencing physical, spiritual, mental or emotional pain, a spiritual healing session with Susan will bring you greater awareness of the cause of your pain and inner peace. At some point in life we are all faced with pain of some sort or another.


You may be experiencing feelings of being stuck with either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pain . Answers can be found, help is available.

Your “pain” is a signal that something is out of balance; something needs to change so you can be happy and healthy.

Susan uses an intuitive approach to healing getting to the “core” issues that stop your mind, body or spirit from being  “in balance.”

Susan’s spiritual connection to healing guides is strong and she clearly sees what the underlying core issues are  and where they stem from. The cause may be something you experienced in this lifetime or even a past life.

A session involves intuitive listening with spiritual and practical guidance so you can take positive steps to bring balance and harmony into your life. Hands on healing or deep meditative healing may be part of the session bringing your mind and body into a receptive and relaxed state. Susan uses a combination of meditation, crystals, sound, Reiki and spiritual healing in the way you need to receive it for your healing process.

In a session important insights come about so you can understand more about yourself and what is going on for you.

Healing happens at many levels when you can see why things are they way they are. Susan has extensive life experience and has helped so many people overcome emotional, spiritual, mental and physical illnesses allowing them to lead fulfilled lives.

There is an incredible shift in your life when you open to the energy of spiritual healing

Healing Sessions incorporate an intuitive approach and the session time is approximately 90mins, cost $150.  The booking link selects a one hour time slot, which will be adjusted when your booking request comes through.

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