At a crossroads with relationships,
health or your life purpose?

Mentoring Via Skype

There are many benefits of choosing a Skype mentoring programme with me including

  • Individually tailored learning programme
  • Practical exercises to develop your skills
  • Practical ways to overcome your blocks to success
  • The benefit of my insight into your path and direction
Mentoring Via Skype

Mentoring Via Skype

My experience is that as a student and seeker you are unique and you have specific things you need help with in order to achieve your goals. Most development is done in groups which has the benefit of group energy and learning from others.

However if you are ready to really fly and want help to improve your skills mentoring is a terrific way to have one on one tutoring. The Skype sessions give us the opportunity to work together no matter where you are in the world. Having regular sessions is about taking you from point A to point B and working each week to teach you how to get there.

Using my own Psychic & Mediumistic skills allows me to tune into you in each session to see what it is that you need at that point in time to get to your stated goal and objective.

You see I believe that if you want change you have to be brave enough to ask for what you want and then take action. You may be at the beginning of your journey or you may have been doing the work for some time but things have stalled for you. Perhaps you just know you need the push of being accountable to someone so that you will do what you need to do. Taking this opportunity to be mentored by me will bring change.

Don’t have Skype? get it here:

I would love to assist you to reach your next milestone as a Psychic, Medium or Healer.

8 sessions – $1,200
12 sessions – 1,800

  • Psychic Development
  • Mediumship Development
  • Personal & Spiritual Development
  • Developing your Healing or Psychic Practice as a Business

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