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To Your Soul

Session with Susan

Soul Reading Session 60 minutes $175 AUD Soul Healing Session 90 Minutes $250 AUD

Susan Kennedy
Intuitive Mentor & Advisor, Author,
and International Speaker





Bringing you the best of both worlds!




My mission is to teach people how to know, like, love and trust themselves so they never doubt who they are and what choices they make. Once the root cause of your doubt or pain are known, I teach simple techniques to transform your energy so your are in the right vibration to manifest what you want in your life.


If you are just curious about what life has in store for you this session is not for you.


If you are ready to find out who you really are, what your life lessons are , what your unique gift is, and what you came here for, this is for you.


If you feel like you’re doing the same things over and over again and can’t seem to breakthrough to success with health, business, finances, your relationships or self-worth cycle that keeps you feeling empty and powerless, find out why.


Are you ready to get what you want in relationships but don’t know how to ask, find out what needs to be re-patterned and how.


Maybe you know you have a special gift inside you, and you’re not sure how to bring it into the world? Guess what! You are being tapped on the shoulder by spirit to use your intuitive gifts so learn the best way to break through your doubts and use them.


If you’re a born leader and you’re ready to take a giant leap forward in your spiritual growth both personally and professionally so you can accept abundance, and make a huge difference in the world, *this session is definitely for you. *


I see where you have been and where you are, what you have forgotten and what you must remember and do to fulfill yourself in the way you are ready to. Your Guides are ready to share your next step through me.


A Soul Reading Session will answer the questions you have, and give you clear steps and guidance going forward as well as connect you to those in Spirit if that is what your soul calls forward. A Soul Healing Session will

  • Show you the main reasons why you are here and give you proven strategies to overcome what holds you back in the same place, like the rinse cycle on the washing machine!
  • Uncover your unique gift and show you how it holds the golden link to your purpose.
  • The 3 essential steps you NEED to take to find inner [eace and happiness.
  • The #1 best pathway to harness the health, wealth, happiness, and the life you desire 

I use my mediumistic, intuitive and healing skills and techniques, along with holistic counselling and understanding of financial intelligence, to successfully lead you to your pathway to prosperity, health, wealth and happiness. I will guide you to a knowingness that only a mentor with my specialised abilities and skill set can achieve.

With clarity and new skills, you can move towards your fulfilment as a human being. When you shine unashamedly, you enter the powerful flow of the Universe where there is no resistance, no competition and an infinite flow of abundance, peace ,health, and prosperity… are you ready for this?

I’m dedicated to supporting those who are ready to understand their soul’s purpose and take action to fulfil their highest potential.

If that’s you, I would love to connect with you and get this journey happening!

“No one can help you unless you have a burning desire to help yourself first.”


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