Susan Kennedy Liaison
To Your Soul

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings with Susan will give you clarity about all aspects of your life.

The reading will show you what past circumstances are still affecting you in your life today and what is playing out right now. It will bring clarity as to why you may keep repeating patterns of behaviour and why you may be stuck.

Susan is known for her warmth, accuracy and ability to clearly see what is coming for you so you have an understanding of the opportunities ahead.

Before you were born your soul had a blueprint, a plan, a desire to achieve certain things in this lifetime. Each person is here to experience life as a creator and to live with love. The reading will reveal what your chosen challenges are in this life and the opportunities ahead for you to fulfil your blueprint, your plan.

Susan’s reading will cover your life path including information about your health, relationships, career and money, travel and business opportunities or challenges. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and will find the reading to be a valuable tool empowering you to create more of what you want in your life.

Readings are 1 hour and can be done in person, via Skype or by phone.
Cost is $150 and payment is via cash, credit card or bank transfer.

To book your reading with Susan please click the button below.

Hi Susan, I was just going through my reading again (for about the 5th time lol) and wanted to tell you how wonderful it was. The information around my daughter especially, was so clear and concise and very validating. The reading really gave me the confidence to keep going, and to keep looking after myself. God bless you and your wonderful gift. Thanks again, Sandy xx

Hi Susan,I wanted to thank you. You’re reading really helped me get my head straight and the things that have come to light since, well, there are just no words.. Just incredible! I wish you all the best . x Lana

Hi Sue, thank you for your time this morning and for a truly wonderful, inspirational reading. I know that you are the vessel for spirit to channel messages, but I believe it takes a very special (& trained) person to do what you do! I did google ‘snowdrop’ as you advised (and called hubby to look it up at same time). It is an organisation in England that helps children with neuro disabilities and the benefits of stimuli etc. This is what he wanted to focus on years ago when we first starting talking about a wellness farm project. Amazing. It has truly set him back on his path/vision. NC NSW

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