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‘Inside me is a dream; every day I live my dream and I smile,’ Susan Kennedy.

As a highly successful and established Psychic Medium, Reiki master and teacher, holistic counsellor and metaphysician Susan Kennedy realised her lifelong calling and now wants to help you do the same…

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About your author: After a period of immense turmoil, Susan Kennedy clambered her way from breaking point to enjoy a major, life-changing breakthrough. Sacred Spiritual Business is Susan’s gift to the growing spiritual community. Her unique guide mentors the reader, helping and motivating them to become the successful spiritual practitioner they were destined to be…

About Sacred Spiritual Business – Fulfil Your Destiny Step Out of the Shadows and into the light: As her own experience has taught her, the most common problem that potentially brilliant spiritual practitioners face is self-doubt. With Susan’s guidance she will turn your doubt upside down. Sacred Spiritual Business will answer those niggling doubts that are preventing you from embarking on your life-changing journey.

Doubting your abilities and credibility? Susan will teach you how to face your problems and find clear and workable solutions. Unsure if your dreams are realistic and truthful? Susan will guide you through plans and approaches, opening and freeing your mind to see your potential.
Perhaps you fear that you will disappoint or confuse family members and friends if you listen to your heart and pursue what they consider to be an ‘alternative’ business? Again, Susan will assist you in finding ways to satisfy the naysayers, allowing you to pursue your destiny.
Unsure if and how you will make money from a career as a spiritual practitioner? Sacred Spiritual Business will help you find peace with the relationship between spiritual services and monetary transactions. Sacred Spiritual Business will help you to define your talents and place monetary value upon them. Taking this a step further, Susan offers suggestions on how you can pursue and formulate products to enhance your services and generate the revenue that you rightly deserve.

Become a ripple in the pond..
If you’re reading this book description the chances are that you have given some thought to a career as a spiritual practitioner. Perhaps you believe you have a gift you would like to share with others? Over the course of 21 chapters, Susan Kennedy’s Sacred Spiritual Business will coach you, the potential spiritual practitioner, through a series of timeline exercises, plans and meditations in order to become a ‘ripple in the pond’.

Kennedy understands how a person considering a career as a spiritual practitioner feels and acknowledges and answers the many questions you will have. If you feel that there is something within you that you would like to explore and possibly share with others, Sacred Spiritual Business – Fulfil Your Destiny Step Out of the Shadows into the Light will steer you in the right direction.

Sacred Spiritual Business includes:

  • Timeline exercises
  • How to create an architects plan
  • How to embark on a meditation journey to discover the real you – of great importance before you can truly help others
  • Ways to explore and question your motivators, your beliefs and your inspirations.

2 reviews for Sacred Spiritual Business

  1. Vicky

    Must have book for all who want a spiritual/inspirational or values based business following their passion.

    This inspirational book is perfect for anyone who is interested in taking the journey to finding their purpose, and work doing what they love. Although it is aimed at spiritual business entrepreneurs, there is something for everyone that is interested in turning their passion into a successful business that helps other to live their best lives.
    This book is filled with wisdom, practical exercises and examples to inspire the reader to start their new journey right now. I have done the exercises, and am happily on my way to a new and exciting destination.

  2. Summer Brown

    Sacred Spiritual Business is so much more then a just a book, it gives you a feast of practical information,
    to transform your self and your business, as you work through the interesctive tasks.
    Journeying through the pages I found I was constantly being bombarded with light bulb moments and realisations about long forgotten patterns and moments that had contributed to current blocks in my life, enabling me to face them and finally release the hold they had over me.
    This book has taught me to better use my intuition, the importance of setting a clear vision and structuring it around what I love. To speak my truth, step into my message, find my tribe and so so much more.
    I can see myself reading this book over and over as my business evolves and changes.
    I have so much respect for Susan and the time and wisdom that has gone into creating such a powerful business tool for all of us.

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