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What Is Love?

What Is Love?

Have you ever wondered what love really is? Or how you can get more love in your life?

I recently posed the question on Facebook “What is love to you?” as I was curious to hear what people really thought about this.The one answer that really stood out for me was this one from Monique Farbrother.

What is love?

Her simple answer struck a chord within me as I realized how difficult it can be to know “how” to find love within. She said ” Being able to find love within yourself, for yourself so love can come back to you”

Facebook responses

Other interesting answers about what love is were,

  • “Freedom” which came up a few times,
  • “Family”
  • “Being there for yourself 100%” (Thank you Janelle Goldman)
  • “Writing”
  • “Feeling connection with partner”
  • “A warm and smushy place” (love this one Kelly Hanlon),
  • “Being happy and peaceful, not being judged”

Through my own experiences and my readings for people I know at the core of us all is the eternal quest for love, to know it, to feel it, to understand it and to have more of it.

If “Love” is the answer to all mankind’s problems, which I believe it is, the

“What is the Question?”

My Questions Around Love

Wow, years ago that thought opened up a minefield within me as a zillion questions I have had came rushing to the surface! The question is the puzzle, what we have come here to overcome so we can find the Holy Grail of Love.

Why did my parents split up?

What did I do wrong?

Why was my mother angry all the time?

When will my body heal?

These are some of the many questions that have run their course through my mind over the years, none of which helped me be more peaceful, free or loving.

Finding my pathway to love was like being in an overgrown jungle, ready with the machete in hand, having to fight my way through the brambles and endure the sting of mosquito bites, the pain of hard work to get to the core of where love lived within me. It was like doing battle every day, being at war with unknown enemy, except the war was raging within me.

If it were so simple, we would all just do it. We would be there for ourselves every moment of the day, we would chose freedom over everything else, we would love openly, freely and life would become the heaven on earth we want it to be.

The Answer Appears

A light bulb moment happened as I realised every day I was faced with living life which seemed to bring every horrible feeling I had about myself to the surface. I wanted to run, to hide , to escape. I didn’t like this thing called life. Then it dawned on me.

What if I could rearrange my view of life as having been rotten and the events were the things getting in the way of loving myself? Could I could see all feelings and emotions as the secret key,  the means to finding love for myself first and ultimately for others

That worked for me!

I found in order to have more love in my own life I had to make some conscious choices and let go of the excuses. I now realise you don’t find love sitting on a mountaintop or being alone. You find it in the mud, the blood and the tears, (thank you Johnny Cash for that amazing song!) In the psychedelic messiness of life, love is there waiting for you to recognise its endurance, its strength its unconditional acceptance of you and who you really are,

The new questions that came to me were, the “how” questions.

Hopefully they may help you too as you let go of the Whys in your story.

  • How can I do the things I know fulfil me and sustain my joy?
  • How can I release the fear of letting others down, making enough money to survive, feeling I am as good as the next person?
  • How can I view the context of my life differently?
  • How can I accept I chose this life?

Letting go of the “Whys” was one of the wisest choices I made, as it lead me to inner exploration and self awareness. 

Love to hear your comments or thoughts on finding love within you and thanks to all who contributed to the question on Facebook!

Are ready to find more love within you?  Why not contact me now and book now for a spiritual healing session and join the many who I have helped. Distance is not a barrier, Skype or phone works as well in any situation.

Much love as you journey to greater spiritual unity and inner peace


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I'm a Medium living and loving this life! My mantra is never give up, find the meaning in what happens to you and use it to find a way to love and accept you and others. I love sharing the gift of intuition, mediumship and healing to bring about change for those who are ready.


  1. Donna Garry

    Thank you for this read, to me, you are such an inspiration in my life and I feel so blessed to have come on this journey xx

    • Susan Elizabeth Kennedy

      The feeling is mutual Donna, it takes courage to do the spiritual work and let go of all that stops us from love, much love and many blessings Susan


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