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How to easily and effortlessly attract Mr Right

How to easily and effortlessly attract Mr Right

Where to begin…..

A time arrives in life when you’re ready for a relationship; you have already established self love so you know what love feels like.

So how do you start looking and attracting Mr Right into you life??

Before you tackle the attracting part you must have a clear idea of what you are looking for?

  • What type of relationship? Friendship? Love?
  • Are you wanting a short term or long term relationship?
  • What do you want from the relationship? Love? Marriage? Babies?
  • What are your priorities?
  • What are your likes and dislikes?

Once you are clear on this, let’s begin…

I believe love is all around you. Just like the universe “Love” is everywhere you are.

To attract Mr Right you must be in a higher vibration of “Love”

Think for a moment… do you walk around most days with a smile on your face? Or are you sad and unhappy the majority of the time?

Do you see beauty in most everything? Or find this difficult to achieve?

Are you grateful for what you have in this moment in time? Or are you always wanting something more?

Can you see if you’re happy, positive and grateful your vibration rises and therefore people will be attracted to you. It’s proven when people are happy they attract other like minded people.

Ask the Universe for exactly what you want, be specific, keep your vibration high and watch things begin to happen.

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I'm a Medium living and loving this life! My mantra is never give up, find the meaning in what happens to you and use it to find a way to love and accept you and others. I love sharing the gift of intuition, mediumship and healing to bring about change for those who are ready.

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