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Monthly Energy Forecast for July 2019 Second Half Second Chance

Monthly Energy Forecast for July 2019 Second Half Second Chance

Well here we are, about to begin the second half of this creative and transformational year.
It’s time to take that giant leap of trust as you refocus your vision on what you promised yourself as the clock ticked over to January 1st 2019.
I invite you to use your creative mind now to re-sketch the vision and feel how it feels. Don’t hold back deep dive into your deepest dreams and desires, get messy. I give you full permission.

I see you becoming the Director in your own play, calling out for the “extras” who are waiting to be part of the action. Whatever you were working through five years ago is now coming to a cosmic conclusion ending a not to be repeated cycle.
Remember what freedom feels like for you and let its vibration run through every part of you.
There is still the watery energy of emotions playing out with this month beckoning you to s-l-o-w-l-y release a huge chunk of past hurt or disappointment as you enter new states of wisdom & acceptance.
Be patient; go at your pace; and observe how your physical body needs lighter food, more water, and the chance to walk gently on the earth releasing old pathways through the feet.

There will be many who show up in your life at this time who will bring you unexpected ideas, support and real tools to help you get where you are ready to go.

“At last !” I hear you say!

You may move away from groups or situations yet it will be with joy as all involved embrace the much-needed changes. You are likely to be called on to be supportive of others in your life who are going through their fire of pain, without rescuing them and knowing it’s ok not to have their answers. Lead from your heart and perhaps share “how” you’ve overcome your obstacles allowing greater depths of intimacy and trust. And know that it is not your job to FIX anything.
Know you are on the most exotic and luxurious train of life and the key is firmly in your pocket. When YOU are ready to open the doorway leading to the next carriage, expect to be pleasantly surprised with new connections, the gift of inclusion, the energy of abundance and the feeling that this IS so right for you.

Enjoy the beautiful days ahead knowing you are entering into a phase of all possibilities and I would love to hear what is happening in your world right now!

Love light and many blessings
Liaison to Your Soul bringing you the Best of Both Worlds

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I'm a Medium living and loving this life! My mantra is never give up, find the meaning in what happens to you and use it to find a way to love and accept you and others. I love sharing the gift of intuition, mediumship and healing to bring about change for those who are ready.

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