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Release Control In The Aries Full Moon October 2019

Release Control In The Aries Full Moon October 2019

Full moon in Aries October 2019

There has been a huge emotional lead up to this October Full Moon in Aries and I was given a vision of a huge healing warm embrace and a releasing of sadness around the inner child energy. In saying that, the energy has been tumultuous in the lead up to this moon and for good reason. We are in incredible times of rising consciousness and spiralling energy calling us to step up into the highest vibration of our soul.

We know the Full Moon is the time to shine a light into the darkest recesses of our lives so we can understand more about the patterns we have, the fears we’ve been imprisoned by and the parts of us that are ready to be released. The energy of Aries at this time is about a double new beginning getting us ready for the huge shifts in consciousness happening in the 2020 frequency.  The 2020 code of light is about balancing the masculine and feminine energies within us and on the planet, and yes, there are huge imbalances on the earth right now and perhaps within you.

The patriarchal institutions like the banks are scrambling to reform and people are tired of the bullying energy of governments who are short sighted and not looking out for the greater good of their people and humanity at large. The collective energy is pulling us closer to a new earth, a new place where we can live in harmony and abundance. Right now, we are in a time of huge transition and for those sensitives amongst us, it can feel as though you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, so take time to release and step into joy.

We have the Aries as the first sign of the zodiac in October which is a 1 month, so two new beginnings.  Aries holds the strong masculine energy, the Ram who can use force and anger to get what it wants. Libra is opposite Aries and so is also wielding it’s wanting us to find balance, justice, and fairness.

Pluto has a strong influence as it heralds rebirth, regeneration and letting go of the energy of fighting for what we want.

You may have been experiencing a lot of unrest, people pushing your buttons, deep wounds from childhood rearing their heads in the lead up, even some physical purging? People around you, family and friends may revert to helplessness and aggression still wanting you to play and old role you may’ve once played. Be aware of the changes within you and hold space with compassion and understanding. It is as though old hurts are suddenly being triggered and rising up like a serpent from the deep for them and for you. It all fits with this being a rebirth time and just like coming through the physical birth canal, it can feel painful and yet joyous as you take your first breath of air into a new reality. So no fighting, no going to war, just simple awareness of how you can now choose to respond.

Use this time to reflect on where you want those potential two new beginnings in your life. Light and dark seem to be strong forces with what appears to be no middle ground.  Expect that feeling of being enthusiastic and excited coupled with lethargic and disillusioned. Relationships will be tested and yet such a powerful time for great alliances and releasing power struggles. So many new relationships are now showing up with great promise of deep and loving connections.

Time right now to focus on the light, the hope, the excitement so you do not let the dark engulf you. Almost a bit of a cosmic battle going on outside and inside, affecting us and calling us to be strong, yet gentle, soft yet sure.

Let this Full Moon be a time to be at peace within your heart and feel the embrace of love from your Guides and Angels, they are with you always.

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