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Energy Forecast September 2019 – No Rules Only Action!

Energy Forecast September 2019  – No Rules Only Action!

Wowsers, what a month August was, and what a different time September is set to be, much more organised and calm, thank goodness for that!

We have a New Moon in Virgo bringing in the month with a get your s%#t sorted vibe giving you a proverbial kick up the bum to get yourself out of the pit and into some good juicy awesomeness.

The intense periods of deep emotions where your darkest fears from the past have resurfaced and washed through your psyche are fading, leaving something else in its place.  Emptiness, space, peace, an opening!

Let me ask though, did you get the insight into why you may have been in a cycle of repeating limiting patterns of thoughts and behaviour?


why you hold irrational fears about your safety and security, even when you know they just aren’t true?


how you can overcome all of this and break those patterns once and for all?

I invite you to take a few moments and reflect over last month and maybe you will get some huge aha moments …like being over the head with a sledgehammer!

The New Moon in Virgo, is setting the scene for the coming month calling you to make a fresh commitment to yourself, your heart and your purpose; not through analysis but through gratitude, love, and just taking some new action. Interestingly my guidance is, don’t meditate about what to do, just do it! Just take one step and the let the flow begin as this is where the magic happens.

The Virgo energy is notorious for bringing out the perfectionist in us all and as this IS a time for massive creation and breaking down and through of old patterns, therefore NO RULES apply!

What you’ve done for so many years one way, has now perhaps reached its expiry date. The universe is calling you to find and ‘own’ your flow, your unique way of delivering your services, your unique way of expressing yourself, your way of being in this awesomely amazing planet which is on the verge of a massive transformation.

Expect this month a period of quiet, where you get some time to sit back and see the truth about who you truly are.  The past has been smack bang in your face so you can finally recognise you are not your story, not your past and indeed, the realisation may be that you are in fact, very much on track, isn’t that a gift?

Don’t be disheartened by the recent emotional turmoil as it is just another clearing so you can let in more abundance, more inspiration and more joy. Yes, I know, I know, “when is it going to end?” I hear you say, with that look on your face that says “enough now Universe!” Well maybe it won’t end and maybe you just have to accept, in the words of the late John Denver,

“Some days are diamonds, some days are stones
Sometimes the hard times won’t leave me alone”

Know this ….your Guides and your Angels will never leave you alone but they may mischievously hide things to bring up angst or delay things so you look inwards at your worry but they always have your back.

Timing seems to be a big thing we are all being called to examine. Are we where we thought we would be, is time running out, where have these years gone? It’s never too late, and the march of time is as it’s always been, yet somehow, there is an urgency within your soul to fully experience your potential and what it is you are here to contribute to the world. That kick up the bum stuff!

This month your job is to rise above the turbulence and not be in it, remembering that what seems sometimes like a breakdown is, in fact, a breakthrough.

Recognise that whatever healing you do on yourself flows from you, in a radiant circle to everyone in your family. So, if you want to help them, keep helping and healing yourself.

Use this month to spring clean, to reset your spirit, and to get amongst nature where you can be replenished and refreshed by the earth.

Don’t overthink your life, instead intuitively listen to what the first step is your Spirit wants you to take.

I know this last quarter of the year intensifies whatever the energy of the year is all about. This one is about abundance, creating your life to be the way you want it to be and not blaming others for how your life is.We are in the final quarter of this 3 year so the energy will speed up.

For those who haven’t yet fully taken responsibility for their lives and understood they are the creators of their reality, it could still be a rough ride. Those who are working with their intuition and creativity and listening to the calling of their spirit, expect the next 3 months to bring rewards in all areas of life.

Have a beautiful month as you expand your awareness and become much more of who you already are,


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I'm a Medium living and loving this life! My mantra is never give up, find the meaning in what happens to you and use it to find a way to love and accept you and others. I love sharing the gift of intuition, mediumship and healing to bring about change for those who are ready.


  1. Ms Dianne Thompson

    Beautiful post Susan, thank you. I feel that i could utilise some of your words of wisdom which I have absorbed here to pass on in my new role as HR admin sister in the hospitality industry. Blessings to you & i will checknin for a reading soon. My brother is coming through his daughter with messages for me xo

    • Susan

      Those in Spirit will always find a way to let you know they are ok Dianne..thanks for your comment too!!! Susan

  2. Amber Fielding

    Whoah! Exactly what I’ve been feeling and reading this today was exactly what I needed! Thanks Susan.
    Keep up your wonderful work.
    Do you still do private group readings?

    • Susan

      hi Amber, thanks for your comment and please send me an email re the private group readings to …it’s been a while since we had our night of fun!


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