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Pathway to Peace

Pathway to Peace

I have found that for many people the process of accepting the death of someone close is difficult. Grief can be a crushing pain in the heart as we know we have to face life without them by our side.

It is the ultimate part of life we have no control over.

The more I work with people and the more I connect with those in the spirit world, the more I understand that it is life that we are here to accept.

Life is a journey with a beginning and an end. It is the same for every living thing, nothing escapes.

When I think about my own life there are many parts I have struggled to accept. There has been a part of me that wanted to control everything and everyone, to keep people I loved close to me and not have them suffer any sort of pain. There was a part of me that did not want to age, to change or to die. It can happen to everyone else but not to me or my loved ones. Sound familiar?

Acceptance is not resignation or giving up or not caring. It is the realisation that we can stay in pain by wishing things were different. Acceptance has the power to life the clouds of grief and pain from our bodies and minds and more importantly from our hearts.

Our loved ones in the world of spirit are not in any physical pain as they no longer have a physical body.  They have a soul that is eternal and the memories we have, the love we shared, the joy of being part of each other’s lives remains as long as we allow it too. We think they are not with us but they are. They walk along side of us and they only want our happiness just as we want theirs.

Wishing you peace as you travel on your journey through life………

Accepting Life and Death

Accepting Life and Death

As a Spiritual Medium I know that there is more to us than this human body that we inhabit for a very short period of time. I know this because I regularly communicate with those who have gone to the realms of spirit and I feel them, see them and hear them.

They are no longer in their physical bodies but they still live. They have their personalities with all of the traits they possessed on the earth, their sense of humour or lack of it!

They exist and they are still watching over their family and friends, still wishing to express love and to bring about healing.

When the physical body dies the spirit and soul is set free from the confines of the body. People have reported through all of the ages sensing, seeing or feeling the life force, the soul leaving the body. In nearly every religion there is talk of or belief in an afterlife, a life everlasting and an eternal continuation of our soul.

My belief is spiritually there is an appointed time of birth for us all and that time of birth is aligned with the planets and the stars giving us the personality traits we need to achieve our spiritual goals. The time of death can seem too soon when it comes.

Physical Life is what happens in between the moment of your birth and the moment of your death but your spiritual being is eternal, infinite, existing before birth and after death.

Knowing beyond doubt that all living things on the earth have a season, a cycle, and that season or cycle is not within our control puts things into a certain perspective. So without any doubt we will all die. We most probably won’t know when and mostly we cannot prevent any one we love from dying.

As a daughter, mother and a grandmother one of my biggest fears was losing my mother, one of my children or my grandchildren or even losing my partner. When I was faced with my mother’s terminal illness there was a part of me that believed I could save her, cure her and keep her here. I couldn’t and that was something I had to accept. I am not God.

One thing I discovered is that living with fear of death and trying to prevent it when it is inevitable or believing we could have prevented the unpreventable takes away the sweetness and joy of being present in life.

The only moment you have is now.

I really do understand the Buddhist sayings that pain is caused by wishing things were different. Acceptance is a way to heal, to let go of the burden we carry.

The saying “this too shall pass” reminds me of the transience of every experience and emotion.

What does not pass or die though is the love  you carry in your heart.

Love continues on both sides of the veil and as a Medium it is part of what we are here to do, convey their love to you and sometimes be able to let them say in death what they could not always say in life.

Most of all those in spirit want us to live life to the fullest and to be all we can be here on earth, until we meet again.

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