At a crossroads with relationships,
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About Susan Elizabeth Kennedy

Susan Kennedy Medium

Seems a bit of a long story but the reality is, I’ve been through stuff!

I know what it’s like to be terrified in the womb of a violent father and then grow up without him; to be an overly responsible daughter; a racially abused child; a teenage runaway; a foreigner in a new country; a single worried mum, depressed and overworked, and an unfulfilled wife (twice!). I had a lot to learn it seems.

I’ve been to many dark places learning and growing through every experience. I discovered how to let go of the past and live with passion finding inner peace, self-love and joy.

You too, may be stuck or looking for direction? I can help you through a soul reading, spiritual healing, personal spiritual life coaching or group development workshop.

I’d love to help you find your purpose and connect with your spirit so you can be free.

Hi I’m Susan Kennedy, Psychic Medium, Teacher & Spiritual Healer. Now living and working on the Gold Coast. Separating from my grandparents in London at 6 was another “change” another “loss” moving to the North of England. Emigrating to Sydney at age 22 with a 2 and 4-year-old taught me the value of starting again and making it in a new country.

After my second marriage break up I returned to my maternal grand-parents surname of Kennedy. I’d had five surnames by age 30 and wondered why I had an identity crisis! I’ve been on a deep personal journey over the years finding out who I really am and what I’m made of!

At 48, crisis after crisis! My mother’s sudden illness and passing whilst also dealing with immediate family issues of drug dependency, depression, personal and business financial losses awakened my inner spirit. My mediumship & psychic faculties emerged at the darkest time in my life when everything else seemed to be crashing down around me.

I left my job as a financial planner. I was stuck, lost, looking for my purpose and passion. Meditating daily guided me to the right teachers and healers. As I learned to let go of the past it allowed the psychic mediumistic and healing energy buried within me to emerge which turned my life around. I felt free, whole, happy and ready to be the real me.

Becoming a Reiki and Spiritual Teacher has helped me take others on their journey of healing. Recognising the value of using my Psychic and Mediumistic skills to get to people’s issues quickly, accurately and gently encouraged me to share the knowledge and teach these skills.

Through your soul reading I chat with your passed over loved ones and your spirit team of guides bringing healing, closure, understanding and peace. I believe the purpose of mediumship is to help you know yourself better. Healing happens on both sides of the veil as things left unsaid or unhealed can be revisited. In my view, this is the true miracle of using psychic and mediumship abilities.

Intuitively working at soul level is the “key” to getting to the real issues quickly.

Old memories or trauma get frozen on the wall of your soul just waiting to be found and healed. From there transformation is possible.

I know you have psychic abilities too and by developing your skills, you will be able to access endless inner wisdom putting you in the driver’s seat.

Trusting your instincts gives you confidence to take right action in relationships, health and career and live a more soul full life.

Thanks for reading my story. I look forward to connecting with you soon

Love Susan

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