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Harvest Full Moon in Pisces – Sept 2019 – Healing the Trinity

Harvest Full Moon in Pisces – Sept 2019 – Healing the Trinity

This Harvest Full Moon in Pisces is one where the energy of the divine feminine is featuring prominently, shining a light on the energies of abundance, healing and intuition. It’s harvest time, an opportunity to see an reap the rewards for the seeds you’ve planted now they are bearing fruit, or maybe needing more nurturing?

Harvest Full Moon in Pisces- September 14th 2019

In my mind I see the enormous Full Moon letting you know all is well and although there has been a large degree of energetic turmoil of late, she wants to wrap her arms of love around you and say, it will all be ok, there is enough. Whatever hasn’t taken root and flourished can still be saved through love, and attention.

More and more the number three energy of this year, 2019, is being brought into our awareness with my Guides showing me we are ready to understand the true symbolism of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth, being like the Holy Trinity.  

We are being called to see how we fit into the greater plan of humanity’s evolution.

As we know, Sun and the Moon are directly opposing each other in the heavens at the Full Moon time. This is when they are in balance and at this time, we see them both in their full glory and magnificence, strong, present, powerful. So interesting, because the Sun is about 400 times larger than the moon and yet at this is when they appear to be the same, equal in size and stature, only one is passionate and fiery, the other is soft and calm. Of late I’ve been guided deeper into the mysteries of the true healing power of this year and what it’s really about.

My Guides have shared with me it is about healing and aligning with The Trinity, the energy of the Mother, Father and Child; the Masculine, the Feminine, and the Multidimensional Being that is you ; the Mind, Body and Spirit.

What is really up for understanding and assimilating is healing the wounds from the Mother and Father experiences we’ve had, this life or past, both from our own families and those of the collective. This also applies to the way you have parented by the way so if you are holding any feeling of failure, guilt or remorse, it’s time to let go and heal so your children, in turn, can heal too.

To bring this understanding closer, I was shown the Sun, the Father, the ultimate Masculine, being so far away in the sky, seemingly distant and yet doing everything it can to bring life to the planet as without it, the lights go out and no one survives. It can be lonely, having the pressure of being a major source of life.

The Moon, the Mother, has to ebb and flow in her power as sometimes she needs to focus on mothering, nurturing, giving birth to new things or being quiet and intuitively dreaming the world into existence. Without her nurturing and creativity, we would be stagnant and still. She too, has all the pressure of having to ebb and flow in her energy yet still be everpresent.

The Earth, Us, constantly being used and abused, fighting for balance and always bringing itself into balance whether it’s through parts of it physically dying and regenerating or going through the fires and storms. Survive it has and thrive it will, you will,  if you let love in.

Yes, it took two people to bring you into this world and it may have been you had a distant, abusive or absent Mother or Father. Maybe they were kind, loving, present and compassionate and still you carry some seeds of feeling like you haven’t lived up to their expectations?  This Trinity year is to make peace with the ancestral line, to break free from the many wounds your child has carried for so long.

In the light of this Harvest Full Moon in Pisces, the call is to bring your intuition forward so you can find and dissolve any barriers to your inner peace through love, kindness, compassion and honouring the Mother and Father who gave you this opportunity at life.

A powerful way to heal this old ancient wound, is to have a list of the hurts you carry from your Mother / Father, and my guidance was to honour your Mother and Father for all their shortcomings and faults. Sounds odd at first especially if there has been abuse, neglect or loss. However, if you say out loud, for example, I honour the absence of my Father, maybe you will sense a healing inside you as you tune into the part of him that was absent from his own love, his own power, his own strength. Maybe you will tune into that part of you that carries the same feeling of distance?

Time to bring love into that space and when you say aloud, I honour them for …you will be blown away by the physical change in your energy.

This Full Moon is very close in timing to the Equinox on September 22nd, a time where day and night are in equal measure, the correct balance between light and dark.

Use this Full Moon to release your anxiety, your feeling of not being supported or safe and know that as you do so, you open the heavenly gateways to self-actualisation and inner freedom. From this gentle space, the flow of life can work with you.

Full Moon blessings as you keep shining the inner light of love into your soul so you thrive as you were born to,



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