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Dreams and What They Mean

Dreams and What They Mean

Dreams are a way for your subconscious to speak to you.

I often find that I have vivid technicolour dreams just before waking and those are the dreams I pay attention to.

So what dies it mean then  to “follow your dreams?”

That phrase is used when we talk about the things we want to manifest in our life, like travel to exotic places, living in big expensive homes, or maybe winning lots of money .

What if your dreams are a coded way of showing you how to understand your roadblocks so you can have what you want.

There can be a belief in you that what you dream of having for yourself like abundance, health and happiness are unattainable, only there for the lucky ones or for those who have the secret magic formula.

In a sense that is right.

We each have the secret magic formula within us and our dreams are a way of giving us a message.

Things to do to de code your dreams

  • Keep a notepad and pen beside the bed
  • On waking at whatever time by a dream, write as much as you can
  • Note your feelings, people, events
  • Think of every person in the dream as an aspect of yourself
  • Sit with each part of the dream and allow its message to speak to you

I love to wake up and write down the images and feelings of the dream knowing that each person in the dream is usually a representation of me and where I am at.

The key with dreams is not to take them literally but to allow the symbolism to speak to you.

There are many dream symbols and I have included a dream module in my online psychic development program so you can have understand the messages in your dreams.

Read more here

This is an example on of my repetitive dreams …I had a series of dreams where the ending was always the same and I was looking for my partner. So I had to understand what the significance of this was for me. The key feelings were “searching” and feeling like I was missing something. I had to look at what did my partner represent to me (fun, laughter, joy) and what was the missing part of me that I was searching for.

I found the answer when I sat with it and it was about me wanting to have more fun.

So have fun with your dreams as they will lead you to more health and happiness if you allow them to.

Your soul wants you to be healthy and happy and live a rich life filled with love and joy.

Accepting Life and Death

Accepting Life and Death

As a Spiritual Medium I know that there is more to us than this human body that we inhabit for a very short period of time. I know this because I regularly communicate with those who have gone to the realms of spirit and I feel them, see them and hear them.

They are no longer in their physical bodies but they still live. They have their personalities with all of the traits they possessed on the earth, their sense of humour or lack of it!

They exist and they are still watching over their family and friends, still wishing to express love and to bring about healing.

When the physical body dies the spirit and soul is set free from the confines of the body. People have reported through all of the ages sensing, seeing or feeling the life force, the soul leaving the body. In nearly every religion there is talk of or belief in an afterlife, a life everlasting and an eternal continuation of our soul.

My belief is spiritually there is an appointed time of birth for us all and that time of birth is aligned with the planets and the stars giving us the personality traits we need to achieve our spiritual goals. The time of death can seem too soon when it comes.

Physical Life is what happens in between the moment of your birth and the moment of your death but your spiritual being is eternal, infinite, existing before birth and after death.

Knowing beyond doubt that all living things on the earth have a season, a cycle, and that season or cycle is not within our control puts things into a certain perspective. So without any doubt we will all die. We most probably won’t know when and mostly we cannot prevent any one we love from dying.

As a daughter, mother and a grandmother one of my biggest fears was losing my mother, one of my children or my grandchildren or even losing my partner. When I was faced with my mother’s terminal illness there was a part of me that believed I could save her, cure her and keep her here. I couldn’t and that was something I had to accept. I am not God.

One thing I discovered is that living with fear of death and trying to prevent it when it is inevitable or believing we could have prevented the unpreventable takes away the sweetness and joy of being present in life.

The only moment you have is now.

I really do understand the Buddhist sayings that pain is caused by wishing things were different. Acceptance is a way to heal, to let go of the burden we carry.

The saying “this too shall pass” reminds me of the transience of every experience and emotion.

What does not pass or die though is the love  you carry in your heart.

Love continues on both sides of the veil and as a Medium it is part of what we are here to do, convey their love to you and sometimes be able to let them say in death what they could not always say in life.

Most of all those in spirit want us to live life to the fullest and to be all we can be here on earth, until we meet again.

Am I Psychic or just imagining it?

Am I Psychic or just imagining it?

If you ever said to yourself “I must be Psychic” you are right!

My understanding is you are spirit in a human form and you have been given certain senses to experience life. They are universally known as the five senses of

  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Taste

Using the faculty of sight tells you if there is danger or safety around you.

Imagine walking through a field and not really looking where you were going. There could be a mine shaft, a fallen tree branch, or you may approach the edge of a cliff. If we could not see clearly we would fall over and probably injure ourselves or even die.

Each sense is there so you can better operate in the physical world.

The sixth sense is where you become aware of information by experiencing visions or hearing messages through what you may perceive to be your imagination. It becomes more real when you feel a physical sensation when there is no obvious cause.

Sometimes you may tune into another’s pain or joy and it’s important to be aware everything you feel is not necessarily yours.

Psychically the term Clairvoyance is “clear seeing” and the images appear through your mind’s eye as it does when you recall a memory.

Day dreaming is another way your mind disconnects from what is happening now to go into another realm.  Inducing this state of mind is what a Psychic is proficient at doing expanding their awareness allowing insight to flow freely.

It is a skill that can be taught and can be learned.

Developing psychic awareness is really about using every faculty you have to its fullest capacity.

Imagine before you are born you were prepared for your journey of life. In real life you would prepare yourself by getting a map and making sure you had the right equipment to survive the unknown terrain ahead.

You were given many tools to help you navigate through your life and those tools are your five senses and your sixth sense, which is your ability to see hear and feel what is not physically present.

As you learn to tune more to your body’s innate wisdom you will discover it knows

  • the right foods to eat
  • the right activities to keep it healthy
  • the right things it needs to function better

Developing your psychic awareness is really about getting to know yourself better and learning to trust what you hear, sense and see when faced with a choice or dilemma.

These are your soul’s messages guiding you towards health and happiness.

If you are willing to learn how to access and use your latent ability you can do some of these things to activate your inner knowing

  • Meditate regularly to still the mind
  • Clear yourself of environmental static by being in nature
  • Join a development group, webinar or workshop
  • Start journaling your thoughts and insights
  • Become aware of your physical body
  • Recognise what your beliefs are and where they came from
  • Do something creative to stimulate the imagination

There is so much knowledge available to you when you are willing to look within and trust the answers you either see in your minds eye, the voice you hear in your head or the inner knowing you have.

Insight is a skill that can be learned ….

Past Lives – What do you think?

Past Lives – What do you think?

Are you familiar with the concept that you may have lived before and have had many past lives?

Sometimes you will hear people saying they were a High Priestess in Egypt or they were King of England or some other famous person. Chances are that we may well have been someone famous but does it really matter? Not in my belief. It’s all about what we experience in that lifetime and what we have learned from it or not let go of from it.

Each lifetime has its own trials and tribulations and the more you understand about past lives in a general sense the easier it is to understand your present day journey and the dilemmas that  surface.

I believe the ultimate aim of physical life is to be spiritually free and to be more love; to get ourselves back to being at one with our Creator and Divine Consciousness.

Have you ever had times when you had an unrealistic phobia or fear, a “flash back” to another event or another time in history?

Have you experienced any of the following?

  • An affinity for another time in history or another country which you cannot explain
  • Gone somewhere and just know you have been there before
  • Met someone and it’s as if you have known them before
  • Held an irrational fear about drowning, dying in a fire, fear of an animal or object
  • Discovered an ability to just do something skilful with no prior training or knowledge

Imagine having traumatic experiences and dying with those issues or fears unresolved and the energy of that staying with you. Likewise if you spent years and years learning and perfecting a skill or talent it makes sense those skills or knowledge would stay with you and you would use them in this life

Every time you are born you get “amnesia” and forget all about what has happened to you and what you have experienced before.

So is it possible that if you are holding fears or trauma somewhere in your consciousness they would come up so you could have the opportunity to clear them, just as you would want to use latent talents or skills once you uncover them?

When you can see life as a spiritual journey you have the chance to let go of being so involved in the limiting physical aspects of life. As A Medium I know life exists after death.

Leaving behind the thought we live only once can allow you to let go of the old way of thinking.

When you are willing to open yourself to the possibility that anything from a past life still “unresolved” or not healed” can rear its head in this lifetime things start to make more sense.

Consider this …..If I was a beggar in a previous life and had to steal money to survive and died feeling unworthy, then in this lifetime maybe I would feel unworthy of the love of another and feel that somehow I have something to be ashamed of or have done something wrong. I could also carry issues about deserving abundance or about asking others for help.

I don’t believe it always necessary to know all of the intricate details of past lives but it is helpful to know if you are carrying over a feeling or belief from a past life that is stopping you from fully loving and living in this life.

Through my own experience and training I am able to recognize the signals in my own body that tell me there is belief or thought pattern that is stopping me from experiencing my divinity, my power , my expression of myself as love.

I take time to meditate and connect with my guides to give me insight and then I am able to clear those old hurts and wounds for myself and for my clients.

A healing session or reading often brings up unresolved past life regression and there are many benefits to understanding what has gone before. I know many people have felt lighter and easier after releasing those buried memories.

Just notice what you notice going forward as it is a process that has helped me and others I work with and definitely food for thought ………

Where Has My Guide Gone?

Where Has My Guide Gone?

Have you ever wondered “Where is my Guide?”

Guides can sometimes be illusive! My experience is there are times when it is harder for you to feel or sense their presence. The ultimate job of a Guide is to teach you how to be your own authority and to accept the divine knowingness that is within your soul. At different times you will have guides who come to assist with your development and theirs.

1. If you are at the beginning of your journey, be patient and sit regularly in meditation with the intention of being with your guide.

As much as anything else it is about learning how they come to you, as a sensation, a feeling, a vision or a knowingness.

2. If you have just done some personal and spiritual development like a healing course, a development workshop or had a lot of healing, your Guides may be changing over. You need to have faith that you are not left in limbo and there is a new vibration for you to become aware of. A bit like meeting a new friend and having to work out how to be with them. Remember Guides have their own unique vibration and energy and want to work with you for mutual spiritual growth.

Again spend time noticing what comes up for you and looking at what you can learn about yourself in this period

3. Maybe they have been absent for some time! As you develop your soul you become more aligned with your purpose. Trust you are being given a lot of rope to really accept your inner power & believe in yourself. There comes a time when we all have to leave the nest so to speak and fend for ourselves.

This is the world of the mature adult, seeking guidance only when we have exhausted all avenues ourselves.

After all, learning is the name of the game!

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